“...the best feeling sanitizer in the world.” | “My hands aren’t cracking anymore.”

GermBloc® is a professional grade line of skin sanitizer for use in the health care professions

It is an effective alternative to alcohol-based sanitizers. Alcohol-free sanitizers are recommended by the CDC to replace alcohol-based sanitizers. GermBloc® is FDA, CDC and WHO compliant and conforms to hospital hand hygiene protocol. The products included in this compendium include the GermBloc® Lotion Sanitizer and the GermBloc® Foam/Spray Sanitizer.

GermBloc® Facts

 Kills 99.9% of germs  Made with 98% natural ingredients
 Alcohol-Free  Non-Flammable
 Clinically Tested  Non-Intoxicating
 Non-Sensitizing  7 Moisturizers
 2 Vitamins  6 Botanical Moisturizers
 Reapply every 3 - 4 hours  Hands feel soft & refreshed
 Dries quickly  Formulated and packaged in the US


Percent Effectiveness After 4 Hours on Hands

In-Vivo & In-Vitro Persistence Studies A human subject study was designed to evaluate antimicrobial persistence, in terms of inhibition, with Staphylococcus aureus. Results: GermBloc® produced 100% inhibition after four (4) hours elapsed time. After a minor formula change in 2009, an in-vitro study recon_rmed a minimum four (4) hours antimicrobial persistence for GermBloc®. Clinically Tested: Human RIPT Human Repeat Insult Patch Test GermBloc® has been tested by an outside testing laboratory and is able to make the following claims: Non irritating, Non sensitizing, Allergy tested, Clinically tested, Dermatologist reviewed.