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GermBloc in the Media

GermBloc Media Kit

"GermBloc offer a great variety of products there are 3 different hand sanitizers and antimicrobial treatments for surfaces. I really like the idea of their hand repair creams, Doug works on cars a lot and his job is repairing generators so his hand gets so rough! GermBloc make a cream just for mechanics. A perfect stocking stuffer!"

Akron Ohio Moms
Stay Well This Winter With GermBloc
December 2014

"Keep germs at bay in a safe way this cold and flu season with GermBloc."

ParentGuide News Magazine (circulation 285,000)
The latest healthcare options for your clan's well-being
December 2014

"GermBloc's Electronic Germ Protector and Cleaner easily wipes away the dirt and the germs lurking on electronic devices."

KTVK-TV Phoenix segment
November 2014

"We love GermBloc's antimicrobial spray that can treat surfaces at hotels, airplanes, and rental cars to protect you from germs."

The Examiner (6,221,560 UVPM)
Stop the spread of germs with GermBloc
November 2014

"We have it all over the house and I carry it in my bag and car.  I like this brand because it is an alcohol free lotion so it does not dry out our hands."

Macaroni Kid (320,000 UVPM)
Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy This Holiday Season
November 2014

On a recent trip to Europe. we tested a new alcohol-free product that passed the test with flying colors. Frequent use of GermBloc greatly reduces that concern, providing a barrier of protection that is both effective and a pleasure to use.

Chris Cruises
Travel Gear Review: GermBloc Traveler Protection
November 2014

"This sanitizer protects your hands from germs and bacteria without harmful, adverse effects of alcohol-based hand sanitizers."

Suburban Parent Magazines (50,000 circulation)
We Love This
November 2014

"Certain items at your fingertips can make your flight easier and more comfortable. Miniscule plastic bottle of antibacterial gel; those made by GermBloc clip onto your bag, so it's always at the ready." (60,547,005)
How to Pack Light & Travel Carryon, & Still Look Good Anywhere
November 2014

"GermBloc antimicrobial spray and hand sanitizer lotion have been created with travel in mind. A spritz of GermBloc antimicrobial spray can quickly disinfect places in hotels and on airplanes, and elsewhere where you put your hands."

Stay Healthy

"Having a backup plan like GermBloc Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Lotion is an absolute must!"

The Naptime Reviewer (63,000 UVPM)
Cold and Flu Prevention Tips
September 2014

"GermBloc offers products for the home, office and travel. I love the travel sanitizers as they clip to any purse, luggage or backpack for on-the-go sanitation. Just this weekend, we had a passenger unknowingly visit and fly out of Sea-Tac with the measles. If you travel you know what a germ pool an airliner is. Carrying GermBloc is wise as we head into cold and flu season."

Parenting Healthy (125,000 uvpm)
GermBloc For Cold and Flu Season
September 2014

"Great for the backpacks. You can spray it on sports equipment, too."

WPIX morning show in New York City
The Moms Beat Back to Flu Season
September 2014