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GermBloc can also be found at a store near you. GermBloc is currently carried by the following retailers and distributers. Stop in today, and make your life healthier.

Grocery Stores

Hand Sanitizer Albertsons
Albertsons Nationwide
Find GermBloc at Costco
Costco Business Center
Find GermBloc at Rosauers
Rosauers Northwest
Buy GermBloc at your local Safeway
Safeway National
Find GermBloc at Associated Foods
Associated Foods Western US

Find GermBloc at  Shopko


GermBloc Through RDC
RDC distribution South east

GermBloc through Cardinal Health
Cardinal health Nationwide
GermBloc through Briggs
Briggs National Healthcare Distributor
GermBloc through Fruth Pharmacy
Fruth Pharmacy in West Virginia and Ohio

GermBloc through Lewis Drug
Lewis Drug in S. Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota

GermBloc through Sallus Laboratories
Sallus Labs in Alabama

C Store Distributors

GermBloc Distributed through Coremark
CoreMark Nationwide

GermBloc Distributed through Doyle Sheehan
Doyle Sheehan Northwest

GermBloc Distributed through Maverik

Sporting Goods

Find GermBloc at Sportsmans Warehouse
Sportsman Warehouse Nationwide